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Three refreshing drinks.

Three refreshing drinks.

Will give cheerfulness and energy for the whole day. Refreshing drinks, the recipes of which you will learn today, will be a great start to any day. They are not only very tasty and useful, but also able to charge with energy for the whole day.

Excellent addition to breakfast: sandwiches, toast, scrambled eggs or light baking. To the best of sweet drinks, with a bright fruit flavor, complemented by spices: a real treat.

Three refreshing drinks.

Necessary ingredients.

For a drink «Cheerfulness»:
• one liter of kefir of any fat content;
• four ripe bananas;
• four pieces of marshmallow.

For sea buckthorn tea:

• Frozen sea-buckthorn berries — one glass;
• Sugar — one glass;
• Orange is one;
• Lemon — one;
• three sprigs of mint;
• One teaspoon of cinnamon;
• One bad one;
• Three pieces of cloves.

For cranberry tea:

• one glass of cranberry (fresh or frozen);
• four tablespoons of granulated sugar;
• one orange;
• two teaspoons grated ginger root;
• One cinnamon stick;
• 4 carnations;
• Three sprigs of mint.

Three refreshing drinks: a step-by-step process of cooking.

1. Ripe bananas are peeled, broken or cut into pieces and transferred to a suitable size dish.

2. Double marshmallows (I have vanilla) cut into four parts and put in a container with bananas.

3. We pour in the same kefir of any fat content, whisk blender to a homogeneous mass.

4. We pour into the jar, close it with a lid and put it in the refrigerator: it should be served chilled.

5. We prepare sea-buckthorn tea. Put the berries in the bowl of the blender, add all the spices.

6. Lemon and orange thoroughly rinse with warm water, cut into two halves.

7. From half a lemon and half an orange squeeze the juice, filter through a sieve to remove all the bones. We pour it into the sea-buckthorn.

8. The remaining half of the orange is cut into two parts. We slice one quarter of the slices and spread them to the berries. The second quarter is cut and left for decoration. Similarly, we do with lemon.

9. We pour sugar in the same place, we interrupt with a submerged blender.

10. Put the mixture in a jar and store it in a refrigerator. Serve it as follows: put several spoons (to taste) of the mixture into the glass, add mint leaves and pieces of orange, lemon. Fill with boiling water — and tea is ready. It can be served immediately on the table.

11. Make a mixture for tea made from cranberries. Berries are transferred to the bowl of the blender, add grated ginger (1.5 centimeters of root) and cloves.

12. Wash the orange thoroughly with warm water to remove the wax. Half a piece of orange is cut into small slices, we send it to the blender bowl.

13. From the second half, squeeze the juice, pour it into the cranberry. We interrupt everything with a submerged blender.

14. Transfer the resulting mixture into a decanter, add cinnamon, mint and sugar. Fill all with one glass of boiling water, let it brew under the lid for 30 minutes. Then pour a little mixture into the glass, dilute with boiling water — and the tea is ready. You can decorate it with a slice of orange.

You can serve tea both hot and cold. Tea with ice will be a wonderful refreshing drink in the summer: delicious, simple and useful. Spend a little time on making drinks — and replace them with purchased lemonades. Bon appetit and excellent mood.


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